Amazon Listing Optimization

Does your listing stand out against the competition?

  • Keyword Research: What keywords have the highest search volume? These are the keywords you want to focus on: the highest traffic keywords!
  • Competitive Market Analysis: How does your listing stack up to the competition?
  • Price Analysis: What is the best price to get the most sales and maintain profitability? We help you discover the “sweet spot” of pricing
  • Title Assessment: Make sure your title is enticing and includes your most important keywords.
  • Bullet Point Analysis: People do not buy products – they buy solutions to their problems. Do your bullet points speak to the problem(s) your product is solving? We make recommendations on how to write your bullet points to address the solutions you are providing.
  • Product Description Overview: What is the best way to write a description and make sure your listing is indexing for your keywords? We provide guidance and pro tips for writing product descriptions
  • Photography Assessment: Make your images stand out from your competition. We give you pointers and recommendations for photography.

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