Bon Vivant Salon

Bon Vivant is a modern salon bringing a haven of luxury and beauty to the heart of Roswell, Georgia. Chad and Maureen Boling created this contemporary and friendly environment from their love of cutting edge techniques, product development, and education. Known for their understanding of transforming looks, their impeccable customer service, and their extensive product knowledge, clientele from other cities, states and countries travel to Roswell to experience their love of hair.

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The Challenge

Bon Vivant needed to be able to have a way to sell their professional hair care products online as well as have an option for appointments, a complete menu of salon services and build an email list. They had a website that needed refreshed and optimized to handle their goals and growing business needs.

Our Approach

Starting with setting up Bon Vivant to sell on Amazon, we solved a huge problem of product sales and fulfillment. With products being sold to a large number of out of state clients, the staff at Bon Vivant found themselves making daily trips to the post office to ship our products. We set up Bon Vivant to have Amazon ship and fulfill their online orders. No more daily trips to ship products saved them time and money. We built an online store on the website to pre-qualify buyers purchasing on Amazon.

We improved the layout and design of the website using we a clean high-contrast style that is easy to read and navigate.

We implemented an email opt-in that pops up upon exiting the website site for continuing email list building.

Our other Work