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Imagine this scenario; you send out a 10,000-piece direct mail campaign. Out of those that receive and open your piece, maybe 10 people are currently looking for the service(s) you provide. Now, imagine a way to be able to put your company in front of only those who are already looking for the services you provide. No shooting from the hip, but rather you are now able to be in the right place at the right time in front of those who are wanting more information about what you have to offer. In other words, targeted marketing.

Here is some food for thought: Search engines like Google and Yahoo are now impacting up to 88% of business purchasing decisions. Another thing to consider is the fact that over 80% of Internet users are typing search phrases into search engines. They will either find your, or find your competition. At least 75% of users don’t bother looking past page one.

How do you know if you need Search Engine Marketing Services

The cold, hard facts tell us if you’re not ranked within the first two pages you are losing out on over 50% of the traffic (which is potential new business!) If your website is going to yield the results you desire, you need a search engine marketing expert to ensure your website is in the top of rankings of searches.

Check here to see if your site is going to be penalized by Google.

Since the algorithms and criteria for search engines are constantly changing, keeping up with the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization can be time-consuming at best. This is where our team at TechKnow can help you make sure your site is getting the visibility you need.

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