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Testimonials from Real Business Owners & CEOs. Feel free to add me as a contact. Statistics show that over 66% of SEO & Internet Marketers Testimonials are simply just made up or fabricated. Here is just what a few are saying about my work!

Colby StocktonChief

Problem Solver

My Team and I would highly recomend workig with Ben DeVries at Techknow He has already worked extensively on our website, social media presence, and now SEO optimization and marketing. Great work Ben.

Colby Stockton, Highrod Roofing

Jory Butler

Educator/Speaker/Coach at Wealth Management Advisors

Benjamin DeVries and Techknow is not your typical company. These guys are the real deal. They help you undrstand and have confidence in your business. I highly recommend they to anyone. If you need results this is the company.

Jim Jenson

Operator at A Through Z Computing

I've been working with Ben for a few years now and he is always a pleasure to work with. Ben has a great attention to detail and customer service skills like none I've seen before. I wish Ben were part of my team! I'd recommend Ben and I do recommend him to my customers when they are in in need of the services he provides!

Jeremy Howie

Facebook Marketing Expert, Facebook 2016 SMB Council Member, Speakar, Enterpreneur and CEO of Enlightened Marketing, LLC

I've Known Benjamin for over a year now and have come to know him as someone with tremendous technical experience when it comes to website/Wordpress design and development and computers/internet marketing in general. He conducts himself in a provessional, yet friendly manner at all times. My belief in his skillset is so strong that my company has hired him as a consultant, and we only work with the very best.

Mike Remington

Solutions Architect at Usherwood Business Technology

I worked with Ben on numerous occasions when I was in Colorado. Most Notably on a special scanning need/project that one of my customers had. I did not have the ability to fulfill their request on my own. My call was to PDS in Fort Collins, and specifically looking for Ben. Through his expertise and professionalism I was able to meet the needs of a very large client. Ben grows in everything he does both professionally and personally. Ben has my full recommendation.

Mike Remington - Former Owner - Alpine Document Solutions, Inc.


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