5 Things To Take Into Consideration While Choosing a Web Hosting Service Provider

Web Hosting Services

When considering your options for web hosting services, there is one crucial thing you need to keep in mind: Not all web hosts are created the same. Some are set up better than others, offering more advanced services at a better price.

How will you know which web host to choose? Here are five factors you should consider as you search for a web hosting service.

1. Security

Security is a top priority on the internet. Malware threats can put your customer’s private data at risk and cause your entire site to crash. A lack of security leaves your site vulnerable to devastating cyberattacks. 

A good web host should have a high degree of encryption technology between the server and the user or between your business’s server and the web host’s server. Hackers will be deterred from getting their hands on important info when all web communication is encrypted.

2. Backup

Let’s say a hacker does attack your website. If you have your site info backed up with your web host, you can quickly and easily get it up and running again.

Using a one-click off-site helps get your data online again almost immediately. Any data you enter, in addition to the web host’s data backup, should be covered under this method.

3. Customer Support

Your chosen web hosting service should provide high-quality, around-the-clock customer support. The internet functions 365 days a year, and so should your web host. Additionally, you should have multiple options for receiving web hosting support. For example, WordPress hosting support lets you use an online chat feature to address any issues. As you’re looking for a web host, inquire about their support methods and average wait times for phone calls to customer service.

4. Scalability

What is the web host’s uptime guarantee? You want to be a part of a web host that helps you generate more leads for your business. You won’t find anyone with 100% uptime, but the closer you come to 99%, the better off you will be with that web host.

5. Analytics

Finding the right web hosting services means getting optimally integrated analytics. Analytics dictate the kind of content strategy you use, and they need to be updated in real time for you to get the most helpful feedback. A web host that has built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools is a huge bonus.

Finding a web host with all the right features and maximum web hosting support is vital to your business. Whether you need WordPress hosting support or a web host that gives you a lot of scalability, here at TechKnow, we’ve got your needs covered. When you’re ready, contact TechKnow to get the web services you and your business require.

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