Our Top 5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Professional


Search engine optimization has been an integral part of most business’s marketing strategy over the last two decades. Why? For more reasons than we can list in this article. One of the most significant is brand awareness. With the right SEO in Fort Collins, your little-known company can tap into a large audience, one that can translate into future buyers. SEO is also more trusted than paid marketing strategies. For these reasons and many more not yet listed, every business should start to get serious about it. 

You can teach yourself a lot of the basics, but when it comes to delving deeper, we recommend hiring a professional web servicing company, like TechKnow. Our passion is to help businesses and organizations grow, be seen, heard, and find their purpose.

Best Practices aren’t for the Faint of Heart

We absolutely encourage business owners to understand the basics of SEO. Without a general understanding, you won’t know how to properly collaborate with the digital marketing company you have hired to manage your marketing. Best practices are easy to learn – at the surface. Go any deeper, and the waters become murky.

One example is backlinking. On the surface, backlinking seems like an easy strategy to deploy, but there is a lot more that goes into it than meets the eye. With digital marketing companies offering competitive prices, it just makes sense to hire a team of experts who understand SEO best practices.  

Search Engine Optimization Always Changes

Like any form of technology, SEO is constantly changing. Take Google for example. The world’s most popular search engine may be beloved by most, but rarely by SEO professionals, thanks to the countless changes it makes to its algorithm. Many of our clients have come to us for help because they have given up their fruitless battle with Google. In some instances, they would spend weeks learning best practices, only to discover that one month or so later, Google has categorized many of those practices as “black hat SEO” (a strategy that goes against Google’s guidelines). In other words, they become penalized for doing them.

If you are tired of spending weeks trying to fully grasp one digital marketing strategy that a professional already knows and fully comprehends, then it’s time to sit down with a professional team.

Easy to Fall, Hard to Rise

With so many factors that can cause your website to drop in rankings, it’s safe to say that it is easy to lose your rankings. However, once you have lost that top spot, it is difficult to reclaim it. First, you must diagnose the reason for the fall in SERPs (search engine ranking pages) before the problem can be fixed. From there, you can perform the necessary requirements to climb your way back to the top. Most non-professionals do not know how to diagnose, let alone resolve their SEO problems.

Professionals, on the other hand, generally keep up with the latest changes to avoid a decrease in ranking. If it does happen, however, they have the knowledge to quickly correct it.

Comprehensive Analytics is a Must

Even if you do not have an analytical mind, utilizing analytics tools is a must for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Without it, you are working blindly. The only problem is most of these tools are challenging to understand. Again, this is where a professional comes in handy, providing invaluable strategies to improve your performance.

So Many Tools to Choose

It is recommended to use tools to improve your efforts, many of which are free or affordable. However, with so many on the market, you come across a new problem: which marketing tool should you use?

For years, SEO experts have measured their results and that of their clients using a combination of tried-and-true marketing tools and the latest. They have unknowingly collected a database of the best resources, which they will use to help your business grow.

Get Help with Your SEO

Do you need help with your SEO in Fort Collins? Do you hesitate to pay for a service you think you can do on your own? The fact is, creating and maintaining a digital marketing strategy is a full-time job. We applaud you for understanding the importance of search engine optimization, but your business will suffer if you put more energy into digital marketing and less into your goods or services.

Stop struggling. Instead, contact TechKnow. We’ll help you achieve the results you desire. Call (970) 528-5551 today.

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