Highroad Roofing

Highroad roofing is a small family owned business located in Fort Collins Colorado. Their heart is to do the right thing for the customer and provide quality workmanship.

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The Challenge

Highroad roofing had some branding inconsistencies and incorrect phone numbers out on the web which went to a disconnected number. They had moved several times over the years so had multiple addresses across many online directories. Their website was confusing upon first glance and didn’t drive the visitor down the best path to get the information needed to make an informed decision on a roofing company.

Our Approach

We designed and implemented their website complete with a clear message about the various roofing services they offer. A call to action was clearly placed on each page describing the various repair services with an option to click to call from a mobile device and a prominent phone number on the header of the website.

The homepage was designed to easily help the visitor understand what services are offered. Colors were chosen to complement each other. To ensure best visibility, we created a clean high-contrast style that is easy to read and navigate. Phone numbers and contact forms were added for ease of inquiring potential clients, etc.

Our other Work