The Top 3 Practices to Improve Your SEO in Fort Collins

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The Internet is changing and now you can take advantage of these shifts to get more people to your website. Google is the largest search engine out there and handles 85% of all searches. 

Getting a good ranking requires using certain practices that will improve your rankings. Here are the top three ways to increase your rankings on the search engines such as Google. 

Keyword Placement

Google will go through your website and look for specific keywords. These keywords are words and phrases that someone types in when they are looking for information. You want to place your keywords at the beginning, middle, and bottom of your text. 

The best approach is to have a primary keyword that will appear twice. It is at the beginning and towards the middle. Your secondary keywords should show up once in the text. You want to have these keywords flow naturally in the document and make sense. 

TechKnow is the best at SEO in Fort Collins. We have been helping websites increase their search rankings and get the best results since 2009. We are locally owned and operated and are seven-figure sellers on Amazon. 

Creating Value

Most people are searching for information on something they are curious about or need. Google ranks you higher when are giving them useful information. This is referred to as creating value. 

Nobody likes to be marketed to and wants useful information that helps them. Once they see that what you have meets these standards they are more willing to buy from you. This is how to increase your rankings and awareness. 

We know what to do to get the most out of your SEO in Fort Collins. The Internet is a great place to connect with people but you must do so subtly. This will improve your rankings and interest. 

Create a Meta Tag with Your Keywords Included

Meta tags are short two-sentence descriptions of your content. They are submitted to the search engines and appear when you type specific keywords or phrases. You will see these descriptions and this helps you decide if you will go to the website. 

You want to always include at least one of your keywords in the meta tag. It should flow naturally and be informative. This increases the chances that visitors will click thru to your website. 

We can help you with the creation of the meta tags and their placement of them in your description. 

Contact the Experts for Search Engine Marketing in Fort Collins Today!

These are the top three ways that will improve your rankings on search engines. Contact TechKnow today at 970-528-5551 or click here and see how we can improve your rankings. 

We work with many different websites and know what to do to increase traffic. The Internet is a great place to connect with people but you must use the right tools to get the best results. Contact us today and see how we can make a difference for you. We are the best in the business and will get proven results. 

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