How To Do SEO Optimization in Boulder on a Budget

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If you are a business owner, you are most likely looking for ways to save money. Your dreams of cutting-edge marketing plans and over-the-top media campaigns might seem like they are out of reach, but it is possible to optimize your internet visibility with a few smart and savvy SEO moves. 

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing and creating relevant content that attracts the attention of both web crawlers and potential clients. Any SEO plan aims to increase both the quality and visibility of your content by boosting your ratings in search engines. SEO optimization techniques and services are not out of your reach as a business owner, if you know a few steps to take to leverage your efforts. Consider these action steps as you build your business.

Perform an SEO Audit

You must look at your current state of affairs to improve your internet presence. The first step for any business owner should be the implementation of an SEO audit to check for the following:

  • Missing or broken pages
  • Error alerts
  • Content duplicates
  • Domain and page-level factors

Both free and paid tools exist for performing audits; do your due diligence to find out which tool works best for you.

Start Local

Start improving your presence by targeting your local area. Utilize local keywords and optimize your visibility in local directories. Build up a reputable history in your area. Register your listing with Google to improve SEO marketing in Boulder.

Focus on What Distinguishes You From Other Businesses

Doing a bit of research to find out what customers are seeking in your area can help you customize your brand so that you stand out from the competition. Add buzzwords to your web content and blog posts that align with what people are looking for in your area and beyond. In no time, your circle of influence will naturally grow as you focus on your strengths and unique passions that drive you.

Do Some Keyword Research

Don’t waste a limited budget trying to compete with the big guys. Do some due diligence on keywords and find those unique niches that people are looking for. For example, if your business is shoes, don’t stop at “sport” or “dress” shoes. Using keywords like 

“women’s ballroom and salsa shoes” will bring the right customers to your site for almost certain purchases.

Use “Fetch as Google” to Reoptimize Pages

Google Fetch is a tool that allows users to test if a Googlebot can retrieve a URL and reveal how it’s rendered. If it is successful, you can request that Google re-crawl your site for better SEO with the opportunity to reindex it. Simple steps like these can make a huge difference in your SERP ranking at very little cost to you.

Techknow: SEO Marketing Boulder That Makes all the Difference

Building a business doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be a joyful and enriching experience. Techknow offers SEO optimization Boulder that makes business building fun! Our business and brand-building techniques are second to none from website development, SEO optimization, and marketing to logo and brand designs. For professional Boulder SEO services that make a difference on a dime, contact Techknow and see just how far your dreams can take you.

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